The truck Rodeo first started in 1981, as part of the local fish derby. It all started as a small event, where the control tower was on the president’s veranda: Jacques ” Bébé” Dubé. A dozen of truckers showed their skills before a few hundreds of spectators. Who could have guessed the event would grow up to what it is now!


In 1986, members of the committee had a daring idea: a Mack “Superliner” truck for a draw. The committee had to make personal endorsement for the loan and had to meet the provincial lottery management. 2000 tickets were on sale for this first big draw, and were sold out in just over one month. This draw gave rise to a very succesful 6th edition with a benefit of $ 93 400. The idea qualified of “crazy” a few month earlier became an example for other event later. At the same time, the Truck Rodeo started their promotion in different event and became well established.


In 1987 was the arrival of the ” MASCOT” El Rodeo, designed by Jerry Blain. The Truck Rodeo extends its promotion to bigger event like the ” National 10 Wheel” at Sanair, Quebec and the “Big Ring 500” in Cayuga, Ontario.


In 1990, 10th anniversary, is a new step in the story of the Truck Rodeo. A secretary is hires to follow the constant ascent of the Truck rodeo. The organization is now determinated to sell 5 000 tickets with a total value of  $ 230 000 in prizes.


In 1992, a new activity is added to the event: the ” Show and Shine “, which is an adding-up to the existing competition to determine the most beautiful truck. This same year, the Rodeo adds a flea market to the event: with 15 booths and 10 exhibitors set out here and there on the site. A general manager is hired; new links with major partners are created to promote this event at a larger scale.


The 15th anniversary event is major; the committee dares a little more by having 3 “Peterbilt” truck in the draw, for a total of

$ 400 000 in prizes. 650 truck could be seen in town and more than 35 000 people showed up for this edition. Prizes for competitions were up to $ 20 000 in cash prizes and trophies for the “Show and Shine” and $ 25 000 for the races.


After 39 years, the Truck Rodeo has become an event of international renown, with annual local “economic benefits” of 4,5 million dollars. the Rodeo office is situaded in the center of Notre-Dame-du-Nord and counts 3 employees. The Rodeo has gained in fame and receive many regional or national prizes and recognitions, bringing along visibility in national media. In 2015, Discovery Chanel, as part of its Mega Speed series, shot images of the Truck Rodeo and its sponsors posted on the race site. In the same edition, the Truck Non Stop series, broadcast on Historia , captured images of truck competitions. Because of its success, the Truck Non Stop team was back in 2016 for more images for their 2017 season. It is now one of the biggest events of its kind in Canada.