Important: Wearing socks is mandatory in all inflatable games!




Description: Truckers universe could not of been as accessible and moving. The transporter will have within his activities a big slide that will give you a push to take the road, inflatable cushion included! Age 3 and more…




Description: With a popular theme, our fire truck has a spacious surrounding, a zone to climb and a slide. Dimension: 30’ x 12’ x 12’ Age 3 to 12 years 







Euro-Bungy is for all: little kids to adults, including teens. You can enjoy starting in the summer through the winter seasons.Experience all kinds of intense emotions, breath in true your lungs, do acrobats and having a super vue from up above. It’s Euro-Bungy and for all these reasons that this will attrack a huge croud. This will send you up in the air at a hight of 30 feets.



 Description: Kids will become heroes by playing with these emergency vehicles.

Dimensions: 16’ x 19’ x 8